We are in an era that allow us to go around, be creative, to engage, be able to do what we believe it’s genuinely fulfilling and able to look forward.  

Besides achieving own pursuits everyday,  I believe we should live our spare moments in style.  Opening a 82 Lafite, owning a Bugatti or checking into those 6 stars boutique hotels don’t necessarily equal style.

Rather, style can be as simple as gazing the sunset at Cote Basque’s cliff enjoying a 2 euro sangria in your Havaiana; dancing away at après-ski in Chamonix; or even reading your favorite novel in Calvi, grap a cup of café noisette at Cafe de Fleur hanging out with the old Jazz musicians whom you surely would see them every time when you go back there.

From my hometown Hong Kong where I grew up with a liberal family I adore, a place that passes me the most; to London, Biarritz, Bordeaux, Paris, my other homes; to other part of the world, these places teaches me a lot.  The people I go around with makes me grow year by year which allow me to experience moments in many different ways and helped me discover great things that I would like to share with you.

This blog is a daily dose of wine, travel and inspirations that I would love to share with you.  Here is a space dedicated to my dear friends, family and everyone whom is a style-conscious globetrotter, or just feel like to travel around with me.  

Have fun.  Live every day as your last, as surely one day it will be true!

Love Ya All :: Carol Forest