Resting in Peace at Majorelle Jardin, Marrakech

Went to this Majorelle Garden, Marrakesh just now. It’s 10 mins cab ride from the sweltering heat of Jemma El Fna.

Jacques Majorelle is born in 1886 in Nancy (France). In 1919 he settles in Marrakech to continue his career of painter, where he acquires a ground which was going to become the Majorelle garden, his largest art work. Since 1947 he opens his garden’s doors to the public. Following a car accident, he returns to france, where he dies in 1962. In 1980 Pierre Bergé (oh yes, YSL’s lover he was) and Yves Saint Laurent purchase the garden and restore it.

full of plants, a "plant collector" the artist was

When YSL passed away, his lover placed his ash in this Garden.  Don’t know the details of their affair but to me, it sounds quite romantic.  When I die, I wish my lover place me in a secluded tranquil garden like this with our past once written there. A romantic ending. Dealth suddenly doesn’t seem so bad afterall.

love scars ?

Anyway, this garden is stunning highlighted by the blue mansion. This intense shade of blue becomes one of my most beautiful blue on earth, the Majorelle Blue. Like my beloved IKB, the Yves Klein blue. He had noticed the colour in Moroccan tiles, in Berber burnouses, and around the windows of buildings such as kasbahs and native adobe homes.

in Majorelle cafe

The Courtyard Cafe in middle of the Cactus Garden was highly recommended by all traveler’s guide. It’s petite with cooling mist jets and I had an icecream there. It is rather expensive though costing 10euro each. same for a glass of juice.Of course then, I would pick an icecream instead.

cold mist coming through roof but poor picture, can't see it here

A museum and a YSL “love” collection, it’s very cute and look at it it’s childlike but sincere.
I really love this garden indeed. You guys must come here when you visit Marrakesh.