Karl Lagerfield says “Black” ?

in front of the convention hall

Where does trends come from? Patone? Some unspoken words from Karl Lagerfield ? Paris Hilton Or God? Since I am a fashionista, and into things around me from furniture, interior design, art, technology to ideas, this question had bugged me for quite some time.

It’s like suddenly leopard skin is all over place this winter; or “black is back”(’cause Karl says “Black” or just wearing “So Black” ?)
? (well, which winter is not into black anyway?) But somehow there is some unspoken magic that makes this summer into vintage floral but not metallic pastel. Why would those people knew and produce certain pattern of leopard and black years before it launch (normal creative/production process take at least a year to my knowledge) ? Where’s the secret??

I sort of found my answer when I was trying to be “innovative” as the global creative director for esprit. I’m sure there are “innovators” or “new leader” inventing something so new and surprise the market once in a while. However as my favourite prof Jeff Crook (the infamous creative guru) in Central St Martin once said to me over our coffee in NYC, “there is nothing original these days anymore. Most “creative design” are just collective things one gathered, seen and learned over years and put it together subconsciously thinking we are creating something original” I sort of agree. Even as creative as iPhone, it is a progressive evolution of phone, camera and computer into one. What’s original? I’d think the invention of fireworks, paper, light bulb and relativity, etc. Besides these innovators creating future, there are these mass of big brands, designs ( let’s just say in fashion) comes together just in time and say “ss2010 is vintage floral” . There is no coincidence but trend reports.

I was using WGSN (internet base trend eeports) and Pecler (paper trend book). They are like god telling you quietly what the world will be “in”next year and even 5 year later. The theory of trend is simple. When there is enough people follow these reports, 2 years later what it told you will realized in the future world. Their clients are from D&G, mcdonald to Gucci. Kind of a self fulling prophency. I found it amusing how much it works especially you are in the business and seeing your babies being born like all others hot babies same time. That makes a login cost worth around usd50k a year! Trend seems less of a romantic ideas this way hey?

How do they predict trend? Research, vision, and prediction from sentiments and economy by revisionist. I’d say it’s kina an art. An art that brands follow and realise it in years time. I somehow ended up write for Faith Popcorn as their trend spotter these few years as well and it’s mostly about “vision” and “observation”. Then company like Loreal will look at the report and develop their R&D and marketing line accordingly. I found it amusing, still.

Went to this MM&T in HK convention centre. It’s a massive expo about almost “just leather” (well there were fashion and accessories as well in another hall).

I totally indulged into the leather section more than the “fashion access” (for some funny reason-maybe I’ve never seen so many different style of leather lying there in my life.) It felt like being in a massive colorful animal cemetary! Yuck but yea. I love leather if it’s made ethically. More of a hypocrite I am than those admirable full eco-goer like Stella Mccartney.

It was a fun day and gotta see some trend forecast as well. I especially like the pastel “feel-emotion impulse”. It’s dreamy and color translated into leather is my pick of the year. check these out see what you like more:

lovely dreamy colors for one of the trend
nice but isn't luxury always either black or red?
olympic inspired?
lovely colors of leather hides on display
me touching, sniffing all those leather in trend