End The Night With Le Dome 98

How can we end our night without a bottle of good wine?

I went to one of my dearest couple friends’ baby party “congrats again GG! we love you little one”  2 days ago. After passed an innocent afternoon, we then went for dinner and start with this Le Dôme 1998.

First thing first, how can you not love the label of Le Dôme. Clean, chic and precise. Just like some of the wine that Jonathan Maltus, proprietaire of Chateau Teyssier, produced (whom produces Le Dome as well).

Le Dome, one of the newest cult wines of which I am particularly fond of in St Emilion, this is one of the most least known and most interesting. This 3 hectares single vineyard is actually situated next to one of my favorite wine, Chateau Angelus.   With 1.72 ha more than 10 years ago, Le Dôme produced 6600 bottles in 1998, a real micro-vintage whose essential characteristic comes from its 70% cabernet franc. I love its glossy ruby red with delicate floral and its minty nose. The palate is opulent, with good  balance.  However, there was some alcohol pushing in this vintage which could be better, at least to me.  It would be interesting to get to try more of their vintages again which I did earlier and I surely love their latter vintages more.   I am sure I will have a more intimate connection with the wine with Jonathan Maltus during my visit of Bordeaux later this month.

Love it and love it.  How can we end our night with great companies without a bottle of great wine? The answer is, we just can’t!