Duemani – Purity of Tuscan Cab Franc

Will be meeting up with Duemani at dinner tonight again in HK, thanks to Prowine’s invitation.  Last time, with Elena Celli was few months back in her Winery in Tuscan.

What comes to mind when thinking of Duemani? It’s Cabernet Franc, biodynamic, Ciffra, tiny cellar, Luca, Elena, Riparbella, colorful cement tanks.   Duemani – a special beautiful winery that is managed by the two appear to be unstoppable forces –  Luca D’Attoma and Elena Celli . Pour a glass of Duemani, you may instantly have a feel of how special it is from its vibrant purity.

“In 2000, we found land in Riparbella where we could establish our project: an extreme and modest place, mainly clay and calcareous stones, uncultivated for many years and surrounded by Mediterranean shrubs. This is a hill that smells of the sea and forest. It faces the coast at an altitude of 820 feet.  The shape of the slope looks like an amphitheater with good sun exposure and a continuous breeze that guarantees temperature range, with slow maturation, where we have planted three vineyards: Cabernet Franc on the top, Merlot towards the bottom, and a small goblet-shaped vineyard of Syrah in the middle, the heart of our estate, over rocky and dry soil.” said Elena.

With Luca being one of Italy’s foremost consultant oenologists consults for over 20 wineries across the whole of Italy, one may expect he will produce something real special from your own estate, and he does.  He chose Cabernet Franc to be the mainstay variety supported by Merlot and Syrah. They are also making a Rose Si (which starts in 2010) from Syrah (same parcel yet using grapes that they don’t use in Suisassi) age in amphora clay from Italy.

The main objective in winemaking in Duemani is to have the right equilibrium in their wine, and speaking about being Demeter certified as biodynamic, to them is respect the land and to transfer the equilibrium found in their vine to his wine and distinct tannins structure that give juiciness and great aromas.  They are also being very attentive as in to find the right barrel that fits best their particular wine to obtaining the ultimate balance in the wine.

I adore Duemani (100% Cab Franc; fermented in oak, then aged in 80% new french oak) which explores what cab franc can be in Tuscany, powerful with great aging potential – only 4500 bottles produced in 2014 .   Also I love as much is Suisassi (100% Syrah; fermented in open topped barriques, then elevage in all new oak with 70% french 30% american).    Altrovino (50/50 cab franc and merlot) is bright and dark reminiscent of a right bank Bordeaux.  This wine is vilified in cement, then spend in big oak for at least 10 months before bottling.   The most recent addition to the range is the cement-fermented and aged 100% cabernet franc, Cifra. The wine was initially a response by Luca to produce a lower priced wine for restaurants however the result is a fresh fruity with great expression of cab franc that gives pleasures and sensation.

Now, shower, and get ready for some best Cab Franc ever.