A wine taster
Wine and its stories turns me into a wine lover.   It has been my privilege getting to know some of the world’s finest wine; to travel across globe to where they were being nurtured and to meet many of world’s renowned wine makers whom had somehow became some of my greatest friends in life. 

A wine writer
A freelance writer in wine and wine travel .
Articles and Posts Featured On: Tatler Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Wallpaper* Magazine, Marie Claire and Apple Daily Deluxe etc.

A wine traveller
My passions in wine, food, music and surf starting from some time ago had became the motivations on my next stops.
Moved to Paris for a easier assess to wine and it became my second home since 9 years ago.  

A brain reserve consultant
Visualizing future trends and brand specific directions for New York Faith Popcorn marketing consulting firm’s  BrainReserve’s clients.

Life is too short to be too serious.   Come join me to have some fun!



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