wine taster
Wine and its stories turns Carol Forest into a wine lover.   For the past decades, she has been living out of a suitcase, traveling around the globe, from winery to winery, talking to world’s renowned wine makers and tasting some of the world’s finest wine.

wine writer
One of the most well traveled wine journalists in the world.
Articles and Posts Featured On: Tatler Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Wallpaper* Magazine, Marie Claire and Apple Daily Deluxe etc.

wine traveller 
Her passions in wine, food, music and surf starting from some time ago had became the motivations on her next move. 
Moved to Paris and London for an easier assess to wine and it became her second home since 12 years ago.  

wine host/collaborator
Carol collaborates with wineries sharing great stories at wine events.  She is also known for hosting mysterious fun parties, such as blind tasting dinner, some of the most special wine theme and a lot of time, with surprising wine maker showing up at her events. 

Life is too short to be too serious.   Come join me to have some fun!


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