Wine Lover Must Go In Paris

Paris was a little grey but less cold compared to my Piedmonte wine trip this February. However, Paris is never grey on the wine side.   This time, I stepped into the venerable Parisian wine shop Legrand Filles et Fils off  Galerie Vivienne and met up with CEO Gerard Sibourd-BaudryQy Tian and Michael Scott for a good weekend chat on wine.

walking into this Parisian wine shop Legrand Filles et Fils off the Galerie Vivienne

Founded in 1945 by Lucien Legrand it was a fine grocery shop, the decor remained virtually intact, where you can walk in from Rue De La Banque which is very much closer to the Pyramid and find yourself surrounded by spices, sauternes chocolate , tea and of course,  all the great wine they can offer.

After getting yourself some good treats (which I did, of course), you can then ease yourself into their wine bar connecting to the shop.  This chic wine bar was only opened back in 2002 and this is still a great place to drink fine wine from all over the world by the glass with the cheese and charcuterie.  One great things I love about this bar besides the floor-to-ceiling shelves filled with great wine and ladders, you can simply buy a bottle fine the shelf at retail shop price (!) and drink at the bar without more charges (!!) How great is that? Especially for those who lives in the rent-is-can’t be more expensive- HK land where bottle price at wine bar are often at least double or triple the retail’s.

LeGrand wine bar
Loving the interior and ambiance of the LeGrand wine bar

We settled in for some good chat at the tasting room filled with high bar chairs cross the corridor of the gallery in front of the bar.  With cigar and wine, no one would be uplifted.  Gerard shared few tasting events they hosted with some of the most prominent makers and found myself just missed a great tasting with Cecile Trambley at the same room few month ago.   All of their wine are ex-domaine and they simply get the best allocation from top makers.   For any serious wine collectors, I guess that is one of most important factors to consider when they buy their wine.

LeGrand is the grandpa of wine retailers and has been very popular amongst the local Parisians.  Do check out what tasting fun they are having if you love wine and so happened to be in Paris!

CEO Gerard Sibourd-Baudry (right), Qy Tian (left) sharing the long history of Legrand
CEO Gerard Sibourd-Baudry (right), Qy Tian (left) sharing the long history of Legrand
beautiful wine I had during the visit at their tasting room
beautiful wine I had during the visit at their tasting room

A Little More Info About Legrand Legrand group including the famous shop in the Galerie Vivienne, home trading Legrand & Associates, as well as rare wines sales company Peter Thustrup were acquired for approximately 16 million euros by Amane Nakashima,  whose is a shareholder of his family Nakashimato food group, the Japanese Emperor mayonnaise, marketed under the Kewpie brand. With this operation mounted by Rothschild, the Nakashima family became the owner of nearly 80% of the group controlling the cellar activities, merchant and rare wines Legrand. 

1, rue de la Banque 75002 Paris
Nearest transport: Bourse (3) Hours: Closed Sunday
Telephone: 01 42 60 07 12

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