3 Cognac Cocktail Recipes

King of brandies may not be as stereoptyed as you may think, heard many would comment it as “just an aged spirit for after dinner sip” or “for the older crowd”, “too strong, not for me” kind. 

however, Mixologists have been discovered a variety ways to shake things up and made cognac into the hipsters category.  

In London for example, I recently spent one of  my most awesome nights at the London’s “A Listers” club, Chiltern Firehouse, their private VIP bar were mixing amazingly delicious cockatil with cognac as a base, love it if you are little bored over gin or dark rum for a while. 

Below I am sharing 3 recipes inspiration after discussing and tasting with Alex Chatte, the head Mixologist at BiBo HK, some really tasty cognac (we are using Martell here) based cocktail which you can impress yourself and friends at home:

 1) Side Car

Martell Noblige

Lemon Juice

Cointreau with a sugar rim on the glass


2) Noblige Sling

Martell Noblige

Yuzu Juice

Falernum Liquor

Fresh Pear Juice

Green Apple Liquor

Ginger Beer

3) Borderie Old Fashion 

Martell Noblige

Sugar Cube

Orange Bitters

Shake into sparkling shaker and double strain


Perfect for the coming weekend! 

we are using Martell as our cognac base for the 3 cocktails this time
Alex Chatte mixing a Martell based sidecar at Bibo



Martell, one of the oldest cognac houses, forged by passion and knowledge passed through the Martell family since 1715 – creating cognacs that have been enjoyed and cherished for three centuries.

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