Around World Pinot Dinner

We took “Around The World With Pinot” Blind at FoFo by el Willy.   Food was fabulous, the so delicious egg63C lobster, the lovely suckling pig and braised beef cheek, perfect partying with all night Pinot Noir.


All about pinot noir
A sexy, elegant, capricious red grapes variety that is hard to resist.  Great ones always creates a lasting impression both on the palate and the memory.    Pinot Noir have cultivated a huge following of hardcore wine lovers.  In fact, average prices for Pinot Noir tend to be higher than other grapes ( In 2013, 6 magnums of 1995 DRC sold for $27,300 USD a piece;  pinot noir wine had became the most expensive wine on earth!.) So what is it about this grape that is so darn special?   And besides most believe Burgundy produces the best Pinot, where else on earth you may find your love as well?

Since Pinot have quite a range of flavors depending on the vintage and where it’s grown, instead of generalizing, I had selected world’s finest Pinot Noir, one maker each from regions making the best Pinot: New Zealand, Australia, France, Chile, USA and South Africa.

The result?
Most people voted for NZ Central Otago Rippon 2011 (pure and intense,  quite a winner 92/100) & Burgundy Bruno Clair Marsannay Les Vaudenelles 2010 (lighter weight yet elegant, 91/100); While South African Hamilton Russel 2012 (spices, cherry and plums, rich, 93/100) and Chile Limari Valley Tabali Talinay 2011 (possesses great acidity, minerality and elegance all in one, 100% limestone site.  94/100) really make surprisingly great Pinot and Cuvée Laurene 2010 from Domaine Drouhin Oregon is rich with black cherry, quite wild in character, again, always well made with great balance (91/100). However, strangely tonight, Giant steps Gladysdale 2012 doesn’t seems to be the star along these wines, however, its light cherry, strawberry and refine fragile character can be quite a charm perhaps in other occasion.

Very glad to have Bonne Kizuna the big dude with us, and we had his beautiful just bottled Australian No 8 sparkling Shiraz (black bottle) and Chardonnay (white bottle) as our apperatif, a lot of us like the Chardonnay white bottle while some really think the Syrah is the more interesting one and fresh for grill in summer!

Wonderful night with these great people and looking forward to explore more next time!  happy drinking!


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