Daily Wine And Bread: Chateau La Nerthe 2006

Back to the lovely Chateau La Nerthe 2006 Tonight: Riped forest fruit nose with notes of charcoal, spicy herbs and chocolate.

Fullbodied, medium acidic, very smooth! Juicy berries with mocha, olives and much flavors. Yea, it is comparatively high in alcohol (14.5%) but I can’t really feel it at all.   Long toffee choco finish!
Grenache 53%, Syrah 27%, Mourvèdre 15%, Cinsault 4% and Divers 1%.

I had it with my home-made honey mustard grilled pork, it was fab!  This bring back all the memory that I had recently in June at the Chateau (see below for the visits and wine notes)

Chateau La Nerthe 2006.  Amazing value at around 50-60 euro!
Chateau La Nerthe 2006. Amazing value at around 50-60 euro!

Wine Facts:

Château La Nerthe is one of Châteaneuf’s oldest estates in the southeastern quadrant of the appellation, a benchmark producer of the region. Its 90 hectares of vines are locates in a single block around the chateau and have been certified organic since 1998, but only since its purchase in 1985 by the Ricard family that its true potential has come to be realised.

Richard Family left the winemaking job to the capable hands of Alain Dugas whom with great skill and attention to detail perfecting the wine in recent years.

Entering the historic building of Chateau Le Nerthe in June 2013
Entering the historic building of Chateau La Nerthe in June 2013
Wine are reserved to Key Chefs and Restaurants in France, these are all for Mr. Alain Ducasse
Wine are reserved to key chefs and restaurants in France.  These are all for Mr. Alain Ducasse.

Chateau Visits and Degustations:

On a slightly rainy day in late June 2013, I paid a visit to Chateau La Nerthe’s elegant buildings (which was built in 1760)  and it was an amazing experience in walking around the facility and having a degustation with Sylvie Chabran.  Here are my notes:

Château La Nerthe 2006 : Deep dense ruby red, aroma of black fruits,  licorice, lavender and chocolate; Juicy, soft, fleshy and very well balanced.

Château La Nerthe 2009: Ruby red with nose of black fruits and truffles.  Young but great to drink.  Soft and balanced with spices.  Long finish as well. 47% Grenache, 38% Syrah and 15% Mourvedre.

Château La Nerthe Cuvee Des Cadettes 2009 : Delicious! Dense ruby red; nice rounded black fruits nose along with truffles and lavender flower notes; Powerful with big tannins yet soft and silky; long finish! Love this wine. 43 % Grenache, 36 % Syrah, 21 % Mourvèdre

With the very lovely Sylvie Chabran at degustation of Chateau Le Nerthe at the Chateau
A great degustation with the very lovely Sylvie Chabran of Chateau La Nerthe at the Chateau

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