Beer in Glass – 32 Via Dei Birrai

Beer Dinner? What?

I was invited to beer dinner by 32 Via Dei Birrai and friends’ immediate reactions were “what ?”, “who would go to a beer dinner?” or “so beer pairing for dinner?! that’s class!” in an ironic tone.

Well, 32 Via dei Birrai is an Italian artisan brewery and It’s CLASS .

20130430-164053.jpgDinner was held at Italian restaurant Messina on the Kowloon-side which offers modern Sicilian specialties, a little out of the way but definitely worth the trip.  In fact, quite a few hotels in Hong Kong offer beer dinner from time to time, and at Messina, it is now offering everyday with 6 courses at HKD960 per head (minimum 6 persons), little pricey but think about it, it is quite rare to have your dishes carefully designed with an amazing artisan beer is it?

I had a great time with 32’s boss Loreno Michielin and brand ambassador Walter Girardello, having them telling me their beer stories during the night.


My italian friend told me 32 Via Dei Birrai translates to “32 Brewers Road” in Italian. The brand philosophy follows the movement of the circle that contains the logo: a curved line that outlines the cycle of the traditional craft of brewing and leads on to discovering as yet unexplored paths. Loreno explained 32 is the number of the class that represents the product of beer according to the Nice international classification, which indicates and categorises products and services. Via dei Birrai represents the path of beer, which, like the circle, is the eternal movement towards the future.

“32 Via dei Birrai represents the perfect equation between taste and design, between research and method without ever straying into industrial standardisation.”Loreno Said.

Loreno Michielin telling us how he makes 32 Via Dei Birrai and how each of the 7 beer tastes like

I espcailly love the purple 32 Nebra which is amber-coloured beer, full of white flowers, caramel and lastly a gentle spiciness. Very Lycee note too!

I also like very much their orange 32 Audace which is another style, a strong pale ale with a nose of citrus and honey. Dry and little bitter flavors that lingers back and forth in mouth.

Four Seasons Hotel and Ritz Carlton HK is selling at HKD 350 a bottle, pretty pricey but as Walter said, “It pours 4 glasses, cheaper than not a very good bottle of wine!”

Each type of their beer were suggested to served in specific glasses to allow the fragrance and taste express themselve fully. And hey, that’s not lame, that’s class!

Everything cooked with 32 Beer during the night
Everything cooked with 32 Beer during the night


32 makes spray on vinaigrette too!
suggested to spray on our tuna appetizer
lots of colorful corks from beer bottles which can be made into key chains

32 Via dei Birrai

5/F, The Harbourfront Landmark
11 Wan Hoi St., Hung Hom, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 3746-2733

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