True Love Is For Life

They say “true love is for life”, do they… or not?  Anyway it is the case here.

After I was lucky enough to have the chance to be treated few glasses of 1996 Jacques Selosse Blanc de Blanc as aperitif by Jean-Guillaume Prats (ex CEO)  at Chateau Cos D’Estournel, I got hooked since then.

Never a bad night with Selosse wine especially people who bring such wine would be someone who shares similar minds with you.

Out dinner with Derek (and gang),  a great friend of mine (thanks Bella Vita for the sweet arrangement!), brought few bottles and one of them is the new Millésime 2002 and it was FAB! 

Little Wine Note:
Love, love, love its super fine bubbles, smelling brioche, apple, vanilla, when it bring into mouth, it’s voluptuous with great minerality, pears and apples.  Everything just hold lovely together; It is lame I know, but it’s like love, it lasts almost forever.  


The 2002 vintage Champagne Jacques Selosse comes from two parcels of land located on the Chardonnay Grand Cru Avize. Anselme Selosse uses its two plots to the vintage wine since 1975. There are only 3600 bottles for the year 2002.

While Anselme’s purest expression of terroir is Substance (a solera with  some twenty vintages, he removes vintage variation, allowing the Avize terroir to speak on its own), Millésime does the opposite. Because it draws on the same parcels of vines each year, it is able to express, perhaps more than any other wine in Champagne, the character of the year.

A little worrying about the recent news that besides 3900 bottles of his champagne was stolen from him in an “organized” robbery, some 16,000 labels and 12,000 neck labels of his were stolen as well, probably using them to make fake bottles  in future, which seems to be a fashion!

Am sure Selosse lovers like us just can’t wait for his soon to be release collection of his 6 lieu-dit wines!! (each promising to be the definitive expression of a noble Champagne village.)

Thanks again Derek sharing his love and I am look forward to check out your new private collections sir!

Wine Facts:

Selosse’s current and future range: 
• Exquisite (semi-dry)
• Initial (gross)
• V.O. (extra brut)
• Rosé
• Substance (soléra)
• Millésimé: 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2002 (avail September 2013)
•  “La Côte Faron” (Aÿ) – (avail September 2013) 100% solera pinot noir
•   “Les Carelles” (le Mesnil-sur-Oger) – (avail September 2013) 100% solera Chardonnay
•   “Sous le mont” (Mareuil-sur-Aÿ) – (avail September 2013)
•   “Le Bout du Clos” (Ambonnay) – (avail September 2013)
•   “Les Chantereines” (Avize)  – (avail September 2013)
•   “Chemin de Châlons” (Cramant) – (avail September 2013)

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