A Hectare = ?

Wine is confusing.  Drinking is not but the language, and the descriptions is.

When describing the size of vineyard, they usually goes by hectares, but hey, how big is a hectare?

Usually, no one ever really ask when someone mention for example:” ….Here at Château Margaux,  the domaine extends 262 hectares, of which 87hectares are entitled to the Margaux AOC….” , while I always got confused again and again how big or small it is really.

In fact, a hectare is equal to 10,000 square metres, still, It’s just hard to visualize it indeed, anyone with me?

So here, I found a little imagery to relate the size of a hectare to and it may help (especially myself for!), I guess most of us had the experience being in an athletic ground yes?
An Athletic ground = 1.12 Hectare :

diagram by Martin V
diagram by Martin V

Note:  Strictly speaking the hectare is not part of the International System of Units (as it is a non-standard term for 10 000 square metres). However, it is useful to have a unit intermediate between the square metre and the square kilometre , and the hectare is accepted for use with the International System. It is in widespread use in other countries that use the metric system

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