Post-Debauchery Cure

How’s your post 7s Monday guys?  Need a cure to shaken up?

Instead of more alcohol guys, Ginseng, Honey, or both can be a cure!

As many may know ginseng is a favorite herb in Korea and Asia, and ginseng contains small percentage of fructose where Korean scientists have suggested that fructose can speed up the body’s metabolism of alcohol by about 25 percent.  It helps the liver in its job to neutralize the toxic agents in alcohol.  Some also said ginseng protects our brain cell from damaging by alcohol consumption as well, so, if you want to keep your smartness in drinking, you know what to do!

Perhaps that’s why both Asian (Panax ginseng) and American (P. quinquefolius) ginseng have a long history of use for treating hangover.

However, if you are a regular drinker and finding ginseng cost too much for a regular basis, there are cheaper and much better sources of fructose. Try old-time hangover remedy among bartenders – Honey in hot water/ tea!  Honey is about 40 to 45 percent fructose.

Not far behind honey are dates, with 30 percent fructose. If you don’t want tea in the morning, see if you can force down a couple of dates.

Tips: Ginseng can be consumed by simmering fresh slices in hot water to make a drink. To mellow out the mildly medicinal flavor Ginseng, mix in some honey. 

To know more : If you need to know more about alcohol and cure, you can ASK DOCTOR HERE

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