Star Wars 7 trailer

This is pretty funny and surely worth a peek at the ‘Star Wars: Episode 7’, a short spoof trailer for Episode 7 if directed by Michael Haneke, the German director of AmourFunny GamesCachéThe White Ribbon, which was aired during France’s César Awards (the french’s Oscar) show, held in late February. The subtitle they use in the trailer translates to “The Obscure Side of the Force“.

Haneke’s Amour ended up winning Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor and Actress, and Best Screenplay at the 2013 Césars this year.

If you haven’t watch Amour, I would strongly suggested to watch this Haneke’s beautifully handled,  transcendently generous film which is quite different then his usual ones.  Without too much hollywood grand sets, 99% of the film was shot only in this france apartment the old couples stays.  Despite it’s painfully sad and real the subject is, it was down to earth, honest and genuine.  I dropped few tears, but I am sure am not the only one.  However, you will laugh alot louder if you had watched this touching film Amour ahead.

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