Little New Star At St-Germain-Des-Près

Personally I love another way (or I will say is the newest way) of dining in Paris, such as one of the tops   on my list : neo-bistrot Le Chateaubriand in the 11th arrondissement operates at the rock ’n’ roll end of French cuisine – a restaurant I urge friends to book in advance every time if they go Paris. I also recently fall in love with a small-plate style restaurant called Semilla in St-Germain-Des-Pres.

Surely I am still a big fan of Lipp, Le Dôme, Le Dali and dying to try l’Ambroisie (if I am make enough to get myself there one day) etc. However, small plates, creative, palate-rousing flavors, brash presentations, dish resembles Action Art or naturalism, dishes makes you smell the wildflower from coast Basque in South of France really excites me these days.

Semilla (btw, Semilla is Spanish for “seed.”) is a clean white yet bistro-like space, with an all-stainless open kitchen. On the menu: paper-thin slices of delectable charcuterie from Corsica; an amazing starter of grapefruit, coconut cream and Asian herbs; a creamy velouté of mushrooms; a must-have plate of seared shitake mushrooms grilled-seared with just a touch of oil, salt, and pepper (photo); fabulous skate-wing topped with a peppy sauce vierge; a state-of-the-art head of veau with Foie Gras!! With Meilleur Ouvrier de France chef Eric Trochon at the helm, dreaming up a mix of totally new and amazing to-the-point inventions, as well as soothing classics with a modern, updated edge. Here’s the idea: a nice mix of little and large tastes for vegetarians, meat eaters, lovers of the classics as well as the adventurous.

The wine list is alright, not as impressive as I thought it would and I would think it’s a little on the overpriced end, so, I ordered their house in carafe which is quite not impressive, alcoholic and little over acidic, but then, sometimes, you can’t expect too much from their house wine do you? I wonder….

I still feel there are more they can soon give than what I had tonight while the enegetic vibe of the restaurant beats all my doubts away and had such a wonderful nights. Menu changes everyday, I love these kind of restaurant which carefully designed for the way we want to eat today. I look forward for my next visit!

Semilla, 54 rue de Seine, Paris 6. Tel: +33 1 43 54 34 50.Métro: Saint-Germain des Prés or Mabillon. Open: Daily.
Lunch: 19€ unique menu. Open between lunch & dinner for charcuterie and drinks.Dinner: A la carte 35-55 €


Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 3.33.15 AM
dare to have cow head with foie gras for your dinner? they actually taste really awesome!20130220-125654.jpg
check out the warning at the end of the menu


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