Brunch Time at Bapz – Toulouse

Am somehow in Toulouse for few days now with my beautiful lovely girlfriend Charlotte who has been showing me the best of town. After a big night out, we are now at Bapz for brunch (to kick away the hangover of course!).

In the heart of historic town, Bapz is on Rue de la purse, between the Pont Neuf and Esquirol. It is a spacious tea room with homy ambiance, where enthroned shoes, sequined dress and hat being the decorative. It’s only open during the day for tea but you can be there earliest at noon for the best brunch in town, said my girlfriend. Check out how big the portion of their brunch is, for only 18euro you got a daily mixed juice, coffee and a can’t be healthier brunch, haven’t try all brunches in Toulouse but am sure it’s one of the best.

I know it maybe a little far for most but if you ever stop by Toulouse, you know where to go! Remember to book in advance and there is a queue for better seats before it is opened. So, be there earlier if you want to pick yours !



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