The Real Macaron

If you visit Saint-Emilion, you surely shouldn’t miss out this small charming town under the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is not only remarkable for the ruins of its religious monuments, its famous vineyards, Saint-Emilion is also known by the reputation of its macaroons recipe which dates from 1620 from a religious community of the Ursulines.

The recipe, believed to include the mix of sweet and bitter almonds, was a secret closely guarded by this small religious community and passed down through generations of the order until, in 1930, it passed into the hands of Madame Grandet. With the help of her family she opened the Blanchet Bakery at 9 rue Guadet. Three generations later and this small maison artisanale is a thriving business, where the recipe remains unchanged and the preparation and baking is still done by hand. Even the almonds are selected, roasted and powdered on site. Whilst other bakeries exist in St Emilion none have the right to bear the name St Emilion Macaroon (macaron in French).

These macaroons Saint Emilion made ​​their entry into Paris at the Exposition Universelle of 1867. The owners of the great Bordeaux wines offered for tasting jury members as well as visitors.

This authentic recipe is sold exclusively at 9 rue Guadet. It’s yum, lightly sweetened, fresh with touch of almond, little chewy (in a good way!) and it’s just too perfect! Like wine, is hard to imagine without tasting it, so next time, if you were there, put one in your mouth and you will know why it’s the “Real Macaron” as they claimed!

Madame Blanchet’s (closed annually 15/11 – 01/12 and 15/02 – 28/02)



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