The French Anti Parker Guide

Found this book at Château Soutard (at Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Classé)’s gift shop and it seems like a fun read! It’s not new and been out for 2 years but who cares? I seriously want it despite my horrible french. Totally in it for its slogan on the book’s cover – “L’Anti-Guide Parker”, the antithesis to Le guide Parker, the French term for Parker’s Wine Buyer’s Guide.

“Robert Parker: Les Sept Pêchés capiteux”, translated as Robert Parker: The Seven Heady Sins, written by Benoist Simmat and drawn by Philippe Bercovici, is a French satirical bande dessinée comic book published in October 2010.

The central character is based on the influential American wine critic Robert M. Parker, Jr. whose personal tastes and “Parker point system” is frequently blamed for the effect of “Parkerization”, or homogenisation of wine across the world, in particular due to his influence on the Bordeaux wine market as his recommendation or disapproval of a wine may result in significant financial consequence with a Parker top score valued by some at potentially £5 million. The story describes his ascent to preeminent wine personality, along with the oenologist Michel Rolland who is often described to travel the world making wines in the style that pleases Parker. Also portrayed are Bordeaux winemakers Jean-Luc Thunevin and Alain Raynaud and American wine merchant Jeffrey Davies.

In the plot, Parker, termed “the oracle of Maryland” arrives in Saint-Émilion in the year 2017 on his 70th birthday, is blindfolded and taken to a cellar where he stands trial before seven men in hooded purple capes for having committed seven heady sins. Parker is given three wines to blind taste which he judges to be “old marmalades”. These are revealed to be a 2000 Pavie, a 2005 Valandraud and a 1995 Le Pin, wines Parker has assigned top marks.

Seems fun right?


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