It’s The Little Details

Have you pay a closer look at the wine barrels during your visit of vineyards? Have you notice the little buttons on the barrels which are nobs to seal the holes for wine racking?

Most of the time, we may just want to rush through the wine cellar and jump for the tasting of their wine, especially wine you too fond of. Despite my deep love for Cheval Blanc and tasting for their different vintages again, this time, I took my time during the walk in its beautifully done new cellar.  At their barrel room, a young man was in the middle of making these barrel buttons and I film his making of.

At Cheval Blanc and few other wineries these days are using these grass which lives next to the river to wrap up wooden buttons and I would like to give you a glimpse of such traditional yet artesian process of making this little button closing up this little bung hole called “esquive” in french . In fact, even if you do pay attention to wine barrels, you may not necessarily find such esquive any more as most people these days may use just a wooden nob instead (the little button in barrel) so check this video out and you may sure appreciate their hard work of wine making like me from his redden hands!


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