My last 2012 Styling Workshop – “BE WHO YOU ARE”

Preparing for my styling workshop presentation at Normura Bank for their invited guests.  Most guests are very beautiful and sophisticated ladies and it’s such a pleasure sharing my thoughts with them.
Champagne and Canapes for their guests, very thoughtful – workshop invited by Normura Bank

Had a wonderful time sharing my styling and makeup tips with few corporates end of the 2012.  What I stressed most at the workshop is what I have came up with after all these years on the key to beauty: “LOVE YOURSELF, BE WHO YOU ARE” – to me, makeup and dressing up in style is a way for a woman to feel like herself, only prettier and more confident.

It’s always great fun to meet interesting people, at the same time, satisfying to know they enjoy the session.  One of the girl came up to me after the workshop and said,” Can I take some personal styling course with you Carol, you make people look amazing!”  I was happy knowing I can help even on a personal level given most of the time, am more into creative consulting on brands these days.

Thanks for the invitations and the continue support from my sponsors during these years!  I learn so much being there too.   Love you all and I wish all of you Happy 2013!  Let’s have a beautiful one!

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