Flower X Oolong

Attending a tea talk right now at Eslite. I know, is not a typical wine tasting event am usually invited to but this one is a pretty interesting one. Speaker from  王德傳Wang De Chua (Taiwan Tea company)   explaining how they mix flowers and tea together skillfully and proportionally to create something unique, pure and with long lasting fragrant (「窨製」工藝 ) .  They also talk about the differences in tea making between chinese and western countries.

We tasted quite a few types of tea and I found their rose oolong tea interesting as in they use milk to feed their roses which were picked during sunrise time.  The other one is their  sweet olive 桂花 Oolong, how they sit and wait for them to blossom as these light yellow little flowers only blossom for 3 days during Autumn, if they do blossom when weather favors them.  You got to watch and catch their prime time.

「茶引花香,以益茶味」, yup, tasty!



jasmine + oolong


樹蘭 + oolong, alot darker color and has a peculiar fragrance to it


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