Another Magic Glass Tasting

Am now at another Riedel Glass tasting.  Last time was invited and conducted by Georg Riedel and had a drink with him.  This time, the tasting is happening at Steik conduct by a HK sommelier.  (I guess from its name, anyone may guess it’s a steak house even you may not know the place, while I didn’t get to notice ended up only me out of whole event, silly enough, ordered a sea bass! can’t say am not the “attention seeker” here)

Riedel, I always call them the magic glasses, my favorite one for a glass of good wine.


However this time, the tasting is reviewing the secret of its magic. Human tasting is mainly from our nasal senses. That means, our taste is affected, and in fact depends on the nose (aroma) of our food/drinks. They honestly telling us their magic ones are in fact designed to direct the right nose to our right tasting of a particular wine.



Our lunch menu!  I picked fish…?!


For example, the right Vinum glass is only 1.5cm higher then the left one while the shape of bowl are exactly identical.

Pouring same pinot noir into the right one, taste it; then pour same wine into the left one. Woohaa! They taste completely different! The right one gives you a greater nose, better flavor and longer finish while the left one doesn’t give you as much value of the Pinot noir. One need to try such simple test to understand how deceiving our mind to us is in general. If you happened to be invited into their glass tasting and never been to one, do try, go and find out the secret!


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