Whiskey Cocktail, Anyone?


Whiskey anyone?  How about Whiskey cocktail?  What’s your special whiskey spot?

I just went to Angel’s Share Bar in HK for my U of Michigan alumni gathering.  Besides catching up with old and meeting few new interesting friends, I got myself few glasses of whiskey.  From my all time favorite Laphroaig to Hibiki 響 17 yrs (HK$ 170) to their signature whiskey cocktail.  Bar tender Dave made me a Manhattan after a small chat with him.  Not a typical Manhattan but a special one (HK$ 88).   What’s so special?  he burned the peat on top of cocktail glass to make the final drinks (with Whisky/Martini Rosso/home made old fashioned bitters syrup/straight up)  more smokey and peaty.  The cocktail was peaty, smokey with a hint of orange and it’s quite forward, the most important is, it was surely fun to watch with him telling you what he is putting into your drinks.

Angel’s Share stocks over 100 whiskies from around the world.  Its decor is in rustic and speakeasy styling.  Wall of whisky says hello to you as you exit the bar’s private lift.   Go there for your happy hour and feel the chill.  Besides trying their single cask 20 years old Macallan 1990 from which the whisky is drawn directly, try talk to the bar tender and let him decide your whiskey cocktail.  It’s actually nothing close to girly to order a cocktail if it’s a “whiskey” cocktail, right guys? Go for it!

Angelʼs Share
2/F, Amber Lodge
23 Hollywood Road, Central
+852 2805 8388

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