Barossa Valley Blind Tasting

Are you an Aussie wine fan?  How about a Barossa Valley fan?

The Barossa is renowned for its full bodied reds – Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache – and characteristic whites – Riesling, Semillon and Chardonnay.  And if you are a fan, you must love the Barossa Valley Blind Tasting night organized by WineLuxe Magazine.   The night was chill, at the backyard (Vibes) of Whisk at the Mira Hotel.  I had been to Whisk quite few times while this is the first time holding up glasses there.

We walked up to the bar table with 14 bottles of wine covered with foils;  looked up to the sky and the surrounding while trying to a taste for each bottle was just fab.  It reminds me of the Bvlgari Hotel I love to go in Milan.  This outdoor area is surrounded by walls covered by plants and it’s kind of a small Eden in middle of TST.

The night was fun, fab and educational.  Hong Kong Sommelier Association Chairman Mr. Nelson Chow gave introduction of Barossa Valley at the beginning while finished up with a grand review of all the wine we had tasted at the end of night.  Thanks WineLuxe Magazine for the great night indeed!  I definitely gain much knowledge and fun there.

reminds me of the mini version of the lovely Bvlgari Hotel in Milan
1 white, 13 red of Barrosa Valley Wine to be tasted blind
Nelson Chow giving hints on the tasting
Sarah (left) Adrian (middle) and Me (photo by WineLuxe)
great crowd
me and sommelier Taka (left)

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