Gifts For The Billionaires

MSNFood recently featured “Most expensive food and drink gift ideas” Below are few wine related and I think is quite a fun yet crazy suggestion.  To me though, I guess this is just for a rare few (especially for this year!) that needs to get someone who has everything, a billionaire to buy for – and they already have all the football teams they could possibly want, and possibly you are a millionaire yourself to give!

“What can you get for £11,000? A new car? A very, very nice holiday? How about a single bottle of 50-year-old Glenfiddich Scotch whisky? Over 50 years, the ‘angel’s share’ – the whisky that evaporates from the cask – becomes the lion’s share, hence the price. It has notes of rose petals, green tobacco leaf and oak. Apparently.”

“A £600-per-kilogram Stilton, anyone?” @Long Clawson  offering this Stilton Gold cheese contains real gold and it costs £60 per slice!  I am glad I kind of able to afford it for my blingbling cheese lover friends!

“A century ago, champagne house Moet & Chandon’s chief ‘vigneron’ wine-maker declared 1911 an ‘année mémorable’. He wasn’t kidding. It’s remarkable. Now, in 2011, Moet have agreed to release just 11 half-cases of the 1911 Grand Vintage and one of them is available in Harrods for the oligarch-pleasing price of £60,000.”

“The brushed titanium and leather Johnnie Walker Blue Label private bar opens automatically as you approach, arcing through 180 degrees to reveal one magnum and two bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue Label and four crystal glasses. Available exclusively through Harrods, we can’t even mention the price (well, just talked to Harrods, it’s special order price @£110,000!!!) – but let’s just say there are parts of the UK where the cash would buy you a house.”

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