The “Multitalented” Yao

I would love to try this especially with such daredevil price tag.  Anyone?

The wine released from the retired NBA star, the 2009 Yao Ming Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, will retail for $289 per bottle, remember, this is in USDollor$$ (he certainly price it ambitiously enough that it takes on an importance of its own I must say).  The debut release consists of 5,000 cases, according to Wine Spectator, and a second 500-case limited release, Yao Family Reserve, is scheduled for early next year.

His wine, which is sourced from several Napa Valley vineyards, if you had done some casual calculus before would easily figure those cases’ total revenue would comes out to something close to his $18 million salary in his final year of basketball.

The cost of a bottle certainly bite me in the wallet but hey ladies and gentlemen: It’s prestige,  celebrity, brand name and “artisan techniques” (“hand harvest” “exclusively in 100% French Oak” from their talk at the press release), even without really knowing the terroir nor real artisanship (I mean, does it matter anymore in China?) I certainly need to squeeze in and try a sip!   Anyone?

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