Kids in Their Country

Love Diesel especially Diesel Black Gold recently. My boyfriend bought pretty rock leather jacket weeks ago while I almost get mine but ended up a Diane von Furstenberg’s long fridge leather jacket. What surprised or not surprising me was, among so many brand, e.g. Helmut Lang, Acne, D&G, Dsquare, they are now all made in China, it’s quite hard to find a leather jacket “made in Italy” anymore. I wonder if we could still find leather artisans as good as they were a decade later. I hope yes.

Despite the clothes making is not from their own country, 55DSL’s initiative on local creative is. 55DSL is Diesel’s Italian street style brand; a sort of awesome Milanese cousin. This is fashion for the fast-paced and vibrant lives of young skateboarders, tattoo artists, street performers and alternative musicians. Besides I love their awesome pop tee, their urban culture project are quite inspirational.

Having sponsored the likes of skater Tony Hawk and surfer Joel Tudor, the street wear company is now starting an ongoing exploration into some of the Italy’s other creative exports: it’s artists. Kids in Italia series begins with two short films, which document these game changing artists at work. Check out the two videos:

Video One: we see Lele Saveri, an Indie Roman export working from a pizza boy to become a photographer in Brooklyn: what’s cooler than that?

Video Two: see a rare Italian female duo – Giulia Centofante and Elisa Bee, top female DJs from Milan. ‘Giulia From Above’ and ‘Elisa Bee’ play together in scenes dominated by male DJs. The girls give us their insights and motivations. Girls in a boy’s world!

Projects like these takes a lot of heart and sweat and I totally loving it. They do some for their country, so should we.

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