Fancy a Quickie, Coffee Addict?

A Fashion Addict, Vintage Addict, Wine Addict, Travel Addict…and too much of a Coffee Addict.

To me, it’s never too much to experience more what you love is it?  just got invited to this QueenEco x NESPRESSO 品味咖啡文化Coffee Tasting Gathering and it was real fun.

I like Nespresso for it’s convenient and using grand cru coffee beans. However, from personal experience, their coffee somehow is not as hot as how I think it should be, but hey, it really save you much time if you in rush despite I always miss being able to stand at an authentic old italian Coffee Bar seeing the well dressed gentleman making me real coffee somehow.  It’s the whole package you know.   If Nespresso can encourage recycling and help in collecting their environmental unfriendly used capsules,  will defo make drinking less guilty.

From cherry picking, mixing to roasting and how it affects the final bitterness and acidity, it reminds me of wine making.

My pick of day:  Indian spicy coffee,  “Indriya”

Ok, too much said, let’s Coffee time!

Discover the coffee journey in us…. 

AROMA: roated, fruity and floral

BODY: mouth feel on your tongue

ACIDITY: tanginess from your sides of tongue

BITTERNESS: locate in back of tongue

me (in my vintage top, vest from Opening Ceremony) being coffee overdosed! From light to heavy, from acidic to bitter ones
coffee overdosed! from light to heavy, from acidic to bitter ones
definitely learnt much from the event
can be creative even for a quickie!
be creative! a caramel one this time.

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