Musical therapy gets into vineyard

Anyone undergoing some therapy? how about a musical one?

I just stopped by for my session a day ago invited by Wineone (Thanks to Wineone!), ended up relaxed, little tipsy and what’s improtant- merry.

It’s a musical Italian wine tasting: Il Paradiso di Frassina

comprises 9 ha of vines, all red, and all planted in 2000-2001 by Carlo Cignozzi, a retired lawyer (and former national swimming champion) who funded this venture by selling his shares in the Brunello producer Altesino. The vines occupy two sites: four ha for Rosso and Brunello di Montalcino around the winery on the north, Montosoli hillside of Montalcino; and five ha around 13 miles (20 km away) nearer the coast at Cinigiano for IGT Toscana and Sant’Antimo reds (Cabernet Sauvignon, Cesanese d’Affile, Syrah, Petit Verdot, Marselan, Ancellotta, Alicante Bouschet, Carmenère, Tannat and Canaiolo). Both vineyards gained organic certification in 2008.

I like the first dark ruby one. Powerful tannins, yet polished with good length.
the four wine
Blind tasting between the four for some good fun

He has found that playing classical music over the grapes helps the vines produce more and runs off the pests. The Montalcino vines are the subject of an experiment run in conjunction with the Universities of Florence and Pisa which involves studying how the sound of music affects vine growth and vine pests.

Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi and Scarlatti are played during the period of vegetative growth (from bud break to when the grape bunches have formed), while more symphonic composers such as Beethoven and Mahler are played in the run up to ripening, to inhibit pests. Vines grown in vitro are also being played music at a range of frequencies to see to which they best respond.

Carlo Cignozzi in his musical vineyard

Today, the drive down the winding road with the sound of music playing through all the Bose sponsored speakers will give you chill bumps. I think I need to go over to this rehab land this summer in need for some good therapy myself!!

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