Bar à vins Nicolas, Paris

Guess most of us know about Nicolas-the wine specialist shop since 1822.

To me, it’s just quick and easy to get bottles there. Today, wondered around Bercy with my friend to get a drink and perhaps some “never too much but you surely will order too much”  kind of  tapas there ( It’s his birthday as well, so, we have all the reasons for wine and dine if we ever need one). Bercy village is a great spot for chilling, and surprisingly we found ourselves at Bar a vin Nicolas. Didn’t know Nicolas has a great bar at great spot.

This Nicolas  is not only a store, but a wine bar. Located in an old winery, the atmosphere is conducive to tasting the selection of the month or a bottle of your choice.  Price are between the “oh Darn, 2.50Euro a glass!” to the almost  too expensive bottle you would like to bid in Auction, if you are lucky.

I’d picked a bottle of white from South African, pas French: well, my trying hard to be different  by not picking another bottle of frenchie.   It was delicious!  For munchies, the menu have awesome choice of cuisine traditionnelle.  The 3 fromage plate with fresh walnuts went perfect and only made us want more.

Next time if you  happen to wonder to Paris, and happen to put your foot in Bercy Village, go here, get a glass (pourquoi pas!) It will surely will make your night.

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