Book Time Travel

Walked around in Jungfernstieg area in Hamburg.  I again, auto piloted myself to my favorite shop in any countries.  Not LV , not Hermes (not that I have the $) but, a book store.

Books there, mostly written in German.  I spent an hour in front of the little corner with the English ones with a beau view of the harbor.

God knows why I took these three back home. What we want do reflects our state of mind?  This time, I simply want to pick up something thin to keep up being a “chic traveler” whom stubbornly insist keep all in one Rimowa hand carry.  Plus,  I’d been wanting to read them.  Books I need to read before it’s too late.

“Old Man and the Sea” which I have kept 2 at home in HK but never flipped open.


J.D. Salinger, I couldn’t resist, he wrote my most favorite book, yeah.. that’s it, you may not love it but I do, “Catcher in the Rye”.

“The Door of Perceptions” by Aldous Huxley.  Simple got to read it.  I have no choice, just that.

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