Your Biatch In The Desert, Nikki Beach

Stopped in front of Niki Beach when I was in Marrakesh, touring around the palmeries.

“Should we? we are here anyway?”asking my friend Michael when our driver dropped us in front of Niki Beach.

“How much to get in?” Michael went up and asked

“300 dhr (That’s around 27 euro)” Michael turned his head to me and gave me that look again.

“no….?” I asked with a cute smile.   And so, we went in.

Set in the heart of the Palmeraie, Nikki Beach is a charming oasis with a relaxed and sophisticated ambiance. It’s a place in the “Red City” where you chill or dine in a convivial glamorous atmosphere.  I love the sound there.  Can’t be better sound system with amazing tunes.

It’s Ramadan time so the pool is quite quiet on the day.  However, normally, the atmosphere was club like, you would fail to be in a bad mood here as it was party time, the waiters were certainly up there on the eye candy stakes, a large proportion of the ladies had fake boobs and liked to dance suggestively around the pool for their sugar daddies.  So it’s kind of cool for a laugh even you are not up for the rich and famous if you have time.

The only thing is, the drink list was also amazingly expensive.  Somehow, you may wish, deep down in your heart, that the day be less hot and brilliant so you don’t crave for another glass of chilly cocktail.  (benchmark: a bottle of water is around 12 euro!~)

If you don’t mind spending 30euro (300 dhr per person)+ pop few bottles of Champagne,  this is a place to go in the deserted Marrakesh for an awesome afternoon fun.

Haha, oui, mais c’était il y a 8 ans. elle a beaucoup changé depuis. Mais il y a 8 ans j’étais vraiment amoureux d’elle.

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