Blowing Cake at So American, So French

I am now here, at the Ralph’s – A restaurant created by Ralph Lauren 5 months ago back in end of April. I am not a big shopper of RL but I got to tell you about this restaurant inside this gigantic 4stories shop.

For three years, Ralph Lauren has been painstakingly restoring what was most recently a grim government building on the Boulevard Saint-Germain (one of my old favorite, one of the most adorable area in Paris ) to its original stature as a 17th century hôtel particulier. The designer blends American with the allure of La Rive Gauche.

In front of me is a courtyard with a rustic charm. I was 5 minutes earlier so am standing in front waited to be seated at 8pm.

“Our restaurant is not ready yet but do you like to get a drink at our bar first?” A women dressed in white shirt and brown slim pants speaking to me in an acute french accent.

“Bien sûr” I replied.

“I guess Americans in France do adopt the late dining habit”, I thought.

Stepping into the bar, I looked around. Sturdy wood beams, huge oil paintings, worn leather and unfinished limestone.

“J’adore! Totally Ralph Lauren.  Alright, champagne time!”, thinking to myself this so american but so french, is indeed alittle weird but fun.

With another glass of Champagne in hand, my friend Karina and Ly just arrive , so we pace ourselves into the courtyard and get our table. It’s quite a serenity when one close the eyes and hear the sound of flowing water from the fountain here, knowing that it’s in middle of this bustling city.

“La Carte” was classically made in the familiar Ralph Lauren’s vintage brown leather, with a gold plated “Le Ralph” on it. The menu is like the classic film ‘An American in Paris’.

I order the lobster salad(35euro), Seared Double RL Ranch Steak (58euro) and my friend take the New England Clam Chowder (16euro) the Ralph’s burgers (27euro). The steaks are from Ralph Lauren’s own RRL Ranch in Colorado and exclusively served at the Ralph. For the wine, we opened a bottle of Robert Mondavi’s.

However, Francis Ford Coppola’s wine looks very interesting too. In fact, around the rustic region of Sonoma County, Francis Ford Coppola is known more as a winemaker than an Oscar-winning director, having been a vintner for decades at the Rubicon Estate in Nappa.

I will definitely try it after my Mondavi.

Food is not exactly brilliant with the pricey tags, however, the ambiance and the “fashiony” crowd is too chic to be cynical against it.  In fact, you need to work for  a table here a month in advance.  They always say, one will treasure more if one pays more effort, so yeah,  I gotta say it’s awesome hey!

A la fin, cutting my Homemade Style Carrot Cake (12euro) with lovely friends on my birthday in the mix of très american and the very romantic french air was definitely memorable. “More than anything, c’est très fun.”

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