Bubble Shiraz, Style.. Not?

I was with a friend chilling over a weekend afternoon.  He’d this glass of 8Sparkling Shiraz  in Gusto, Happy Valley, HK.   Nice Glass Stem.

( Everytime having Shiraz reminds me of a good friend of mine in London.  His name is Shiraz, cute hur?  Imaging he is Sparkly, which he does really! ha, I almost giggled out~)

I didn’t have it that day though but had one afterward as I told myself I should really give it a try.

Style or No Style?

Chilled sparkling Shiraz? Style….not?
I won’t be able to answer.  Any wine that doesn’t give me a headache can be style to me.  I’m not the kinna person would say,”this wine is cheap!” or “that’s trashy!”  to me there is no cheap wine nor trashy wine.   Only “expensive” wine.

In fine wine circles, to admit that one likes sparkling Shiraz is like you go around and announce you like Air Supply or loving Kevin Costner’s acting, it’s not even remotely cool. So when I tell you that I actually enjoy it, I’m not winning points from wine hipsters.

I love the foamy red bubbles.  Another beautiful scene from those we see in Champagne.    Take a sniff, you get the aromas of toasty oak and leathery Shiraz.  Then I carefully sip it: The wine is not as velvety as those red that I always loves but it’s heavy in flavor, yet lightened by those fine bubbles. While the nose is oakey, the taste is berries and chocolate.   In a summer afvo, I found it quite fun and refreshing.

lov'in the bottle of 8Sparkling- a small crystal sticker underneath "8" .

What to Pick

The only place it’s appreciated probably is only Australia, where a devotion to the heavy, carbonated, oaky red wine is sincere. So pick an Aussie one won’t go too wrong.  Rockford is good and Mollydooker I heard.  This 8Sparkling is alright for casual drinking too.

A good sparkling Shiraz should cost over hkd200. With softer acidity than Champagne or white wine, it’s easy to drink.

What are these wines made from?
Well these days just about anything red. Some people are making this wine from Cabernet, Merlot as well.  I guess the best, are made from Shiraz. All that chocolate and rich smoky blackberry fruit just seems to suit the wine style.

How to serve?

This Sparkling Shiraz wines served slightly chilled.   Don’t overchill, nor serve warm.   I browsed through the web and you can make sparkling shiraz jelly out of it too!~ that’s fun.

I can see it as those Champagne for BBQ’s or like Lambrusco, there’s no better match for a plate of cured meats. Or like how my friend had it, just have it alone like a cocktail.  Trashy?  would better say it’s gimicky, fun wine at its best.  The Lambrusco of Australia.

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