Soft Hard Soft Soft Hard

happily on tow after video shoot

Suitcase.  I never own one after college.  (I’d had a soft fabric suitcase back then, olive green was the color I confess, which was flexible but madly exploded twice during trips to home from the far far away Michigan).   These few years, I only carry a huge soft black Porter bag from Tokyo as hand carry luggage.  It’s to make sure  in all my “almost miss my flight” trips, I can simply go online, check in, print my ticket, run to immigration, squeeze it into that hand carry size measurement frame when officer begin to say “No no, that’s too big.”  My missing planes record fell dramatically from 8 flights a year to 2, saved so much pain on cash and emotion in exchange with 2 painful shoulders.

A hand carry size hard suitcase will never fit all my necessities.   While it’s too just too extravagant for me to own a check in size suitcase missing planes somehow.

I got a gift recently, this Rimowa Silver Integral hand carry size one! Gosh, it’s beautiful.  it’s Hard!   I walk pass a Rimowa, I starred and  dream.   It’s looks classic and chic.  However, how heavy it looks and how can it possibly fit all my stuff?

So I tested it.   I took it on my Singapore trip.

“Um…. can’t fit too much.  Well,  I’ll take fewer pairs of heels with me then” , sorted.
“em… I looks so cool with it!” smiling at the mirror in elevator.
“smooth wheels, light as air!” chasing cab to airport.
“hoo… nice stool” lining up at Changi Airport taxi stand
“au revoir shoulder pain!”

I know some new Rimowa is made of polycarbonate materials, 70% lighter than most other soft-sided luggage.  Sounds cool but I still like this classic aluminum one.  Heavier but that’s “substance”.  Or maybe me being stubborn.

When you become a frequent traveler, hell, even travel just once, you will quickly understand why a Rimowa becomes your new best friend.

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