green: comme des garcon tee, converted men's pants, zegna men's belt, american apparel bag

In an earlier post mentioned that I’ll wear my two new pairs of Lacoste Gambetta Plimsolls everyday for a week and post the pics up.

No lies. I really did wear them EVERYDAY for a week but bit of a slacker to post it up straight away, frantically catching up my already pasted deadline wine articles to magazines.

But hey, here it is. Here is my 7 days right after that post. Frankly, I am loving them loads, they made me feels sunny (even when it was raining shit, it was magical).

Do I need more Lacoste at one go? naaa.. am content with these 2, another few more pairs will be overdosing for now, gotta leave some space for my few non-trampy days ^^

星期一二三四五六日, 無論任何衣著場合, 都穿他們上街.

green: diesel jacket, vintage tee
white: ray ban wayfarer, american apparel tanktop & pants
green: vintage shirt, damsel tee, zara shorts
white: men's shirt, almost pajama pants
white: helmut lang pants
white: american apparel tee, helmut lang pants, nig raising hand

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