Go America

My first Jonata at Whisk
My first Jonata at Whisk one sunny afternoon

It’s strange.  These days, I rarely drink too much American wine.  Maybe it’s how much I am missing European life like those I spend in France, Italy and Germany or maybe it’s just the fact that most people these days share more french wine than ever.  Today, one sunny lunch,  I went to Whisk in Mira Hotel, TST, Hong Kong with a friend.  And we had a bottle of El Desafio De Jonata 2006.

As we all know, Screaming Eagle quickly became the priciest and dearest of the cult cabernet sauvignons from Napa Valley. Screaming Eagle continues to be a benchmark reference point Napa Valley wine, but the newest venture from (same owner of Screaming Eagle, NBA Denver Nuggets, and the biggest shareholder of Arsenal, WOW!) Stan Kroenke is Jonata established in 2006,  in the Santa Ynez Valley.

Jonata (pronounced as ” HON NA TA”)  produces few different wine:

Sauvignon blanc & Semillon-  La Flor de Jonata
Syrah – La Sangre de Jonata
Cabernet Franc – El Alma de Jonata
Cabernet Sauvignon – El Desafio de Jonata
Pinot Noir  – La Poesia de Jonata
Sweet Wine – NV La Miel de Jonata
Sangiovese – La Tierra de Jonata
and a mix blended –  Todos(formerly El Corazon de Jonata)

My friend woke early and let the bottle open to breath for few hours before decanting at Whisk.   How could I not admire these wine lovers having such patience and effort in drinking their wine.   I guess that’s part of the fun though.

Whisk’s sommelier poured the wine into our glasses. “It’s super dark my god!” I almost screamed.   I sniffed : ” emmm… blackcurrant..it’s so blackcurrant….!”   The aromas of cream de cassis and some herbal notes jumped from the glass.  Took a sip, then another one.  It exhibits tremendous intensity, fruity sweet fruit, full-bodied power as well as supple tannins come together to an elegant blackberries finish.   This 84% Cabernet Sauvignon is yum and powerful!

This bottle is around 1300hkd (while 2005 Todos is around hkd 700, rated 94 by Parker) it’s not exactly cheap, but uniqueness, high quality and limited quantity never are.  Mail me or leave a comment if you guys want to “forget the french, go America” and drink some!

Chinese version can be found on www.queeneco.com

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