Here Comes the Sun

Am never a Lacoste fans.

But today, a rainy day, I got myself two pairs of Lacoste Gambetta Plimsolls.

Simple, light weighted, laced up canvas shoe.  I stared; I touched; and I thought, “Yea… “I am the captain of my soul” ( excerpt from “Invictus” by the English poet William Ernest Henley. oh yes, I watched the movie Invictus by Clint Eastwood yesterday.  It inspired both Mandela and me) but I think these two pairs will brighten up all my rainy days this summer!”

Well, they are no waterproof shoes;  like a pair of galoshes signed Kartell which I quite like recently.  But no no, these 2 pairs are simply happy shoes!   Everyone needs a pair of happy shoes.

The green fits my name and the white with fading purple sole fits most outfits – I really can’t put in words how beautiful I think a pair of 100% no-design design plain white canvas shoes is.  They are simply stylish with shorts, Panama hat, or even a suit pants.

I was indecisive so I get them both.  Paying at the counter, the sun is back and one of my favorite song is up. “Here comes the sun da da da da..Here comes the sun (I say) it’s alright…”

This week mission – to wear them everyday in any outfit any occasion. Will post a summery a week after, I promise.

今天, 一個下雨天. 我買了兩對 Lacoste Gambetta Plimsolls HKD400 each 的白飯魚.  多高興!

準確D 講是: 一對白飯魚, 一對綠飯魚.

本週使命: 每天無論任何衣著場合, 都穿他們上街。一星期後,會post 出來。

6 thoughts on “Here Comes the Sun

    1. I’d say they are quite European summery style. Men’s version are similar with light grey (ooo.. that I love!), blue and all sort of colors.
      Sunny San Fran there?

      1. Really trustworthy blog. Please keep uitndpag with great posts like this one. I have booked marked your site and am about to email it to a few friends of mine that I know would enjoy reading

  1. The white happy shoes will be stained by the rainny. And are you sure you will wear it in whatever event? Let’s see…..

    1. Will wear the green pair in heavy rain. Like today, I stayed in a cafe till sky is clear (6 hours straight!) – they are still bright white here!! ^^

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