Quick walk through ArtHK10

VIP even in the Art World?

Thanks to Sarah, we got the invites for the private viewing of ARTHK10 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Exhibitors included the most important galleries from the Asia and from the west such as White Cube, Gagosian Gallery, Hauser & Wirth and Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin.

We went after our tasting run in Vinexpo next Hall. I was tipsy so I should stay away from alcohol to have a mini half hour detox session before I head to the Margaux wine dinner at the Grand Hyatt next door right after.

What is art?

A booming voice from above says,”get the juice, not the wine” So I grabbed a glass of orange juice in the VIP area. (the idea of having VIP area in the art world bugs me a little somehow) Anyway, I was literally running with my juice from left side of the hall to the right scanning through the exhibits the best I can.

Couldn’t escape ‘super-star’ Hirst or Julian’s work. This re-affirms their ‘super-star’ status but does it implies many Asian buyers are still looking for branded art (remind me of those label drinkers in wine) rather than art itself? What’s art? That’s tough one to define I guess.  I am not judging if the superstars are good art or bad art. All I’d like to say is with such an intimate contact with any art work environment, I would find it lot more enticing to see some of the galleries’ new talents than showing SUPER ART that has known already and available everywhere – using such to promote galleries or making quick cash out of it.   During my walk through, I was thinking maybe Hirst’s £50 million“for the Love of God”says it all”.

What you think?  this is cute though…

I love this the most! seriously~

Green Cone, 2009 by Donald Baechler

Damien Hirst and Julia Opie works’ everywhere :

Tina Walking, Julia Opie

what is art?  this one makes me laugh though.  what you think my trader friends?

Hong Kong Borse II, 1995 by Andreas Gursky

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