A Day in Holland V

A sunny last day in Holland Village
Mykii - derived from "Mykonos" and sky staff told me

I posted on facebook “@Holland Village” on my status.   Holland Village, most call it “Holland V”.
“gal u shouldn’t be surfing the net at this hour… ain’t there sun out for a last minute pampering??” A girlfriend replied.

I’ve been sitting in this brunch cafe, Mykii, since 1pm for 4 hours already. It’s my last day in Singapore, the sun’s been out and beautiful. So she was right, I should have gone to the beaches, the new Universal Studio or even just a pampering spa to topup all the feel good factor in such perfect afternoon. But the thing is, I just love to sit in a cafe, read my book (oh.. am reading “Rules of the Game” by Neil Strauss to my own surprise too) and write a little until my butt sore.

Strolled around Holland V in tube dress and my new pink Havaianas. I always love this place.  My top spot day and night. For those who have never been, it’s a “bohemian enclave” of Singapore, a curious mix between old and new.

looking out from within

There are cafes and restaurants along the way down the village and I found myself sitting in Mykii. Cup of coffee, an aloe Vera desert and Carli Bruni  made my day.  Another must go spot for chillout leg stretching.

looking in from within
This is all I need. or maybe one more warm apple crumble ^^
I had this Granny Smith thingy. yum.

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