Singaporean Bite 食在星加坡

Tiny one amongst the quiet row of shop houses. 一家小小的餃子店

Being led by Everett(a funny one from San Fran) to stretch our legs in a tiny Chinese dumplings restaurant after attending an ultra early morning wedding session. Stretch legs in a tiny one ? Yes no jokes. I can’t lie saying it’s the best leg stretcher ever but surprisingly, this is one of the best Chinese dumplings ever! Definitely worth the visit.

今天中午友人(曾住在星加坡) 帶我到這家位於星加坡唐人街附近的一家叫”群眾”小餃子店。 菜單上只有12種食物,不多不少。我說這店誰到星加坡也需一去,只因太好吃了!

群眾 Qun zhong eating house 21 neil road, Singapore + 65 62213060!!

Owners wrapping made-to-order dumplings


too enjoyable watching the wrapping while waiting for it

Most yummy dumplings (Guo Tie)

鍋貼跟平常吃的不同。 size 小一點卻是我吃過最好吃之一!

My pick of the day 鍋貼

Juicy Xiao Long Bao- takes much skills to take it to your mouth without the skin tearing off. Super yum


NO BS - Nice and simple - isn't that's how things should be these days?

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