A Very Chateau Margaux Night

Had a very Chateau Margaux Night at Grand Hyatt HK. So glad to see Paul this two week in HK and had an awesome night with him and few other winemakers at Dragon-i night before.

Paul Pontallier, a very respectable gentleman also the chief wine maker from C. Margaux, Bordeaux, France.  I got to know him at his beautiful Chateau last year. Paul toured me and few friends around cellar and I’d an awesome lunch with Mr. Pontallier next to me in Chateau Margaux one sunny summer afternoon. We had vintages of 78, 82, 86, 90 and the most recent vintage of Ch. Margaux for our lunch.  Besides his desire to excellence, I’d great impression of Paul, remembering he said during lunch, “wine is like women, they age beautifully with time”. Any women would be impressed, even they are not a wine lover I bet, or, hem, perhaps It’s just the happily aging me somehow?

Since Chateau Margaux is a well known Premier Cru, let’s cut it short here and have a peek at the wine I was having at my dinner:

Me and friends with Paul’s son, Thibault Pontallier  A 24 young gentleman whom just arrived to Asia a month ago to be Ch. Margaux’s Asia representative.

And here, I had put together the Red I looooove….!

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