A Very Burgundy Night

It’s Vinexpo week, wine auction week, ArtHK and too many fashion houses shows. When there are so many, one can only afford to go for the best.

Yesterday was a busy day.  After meeting few close wine makers at vinexpo at the Hong Kong convention centre; thanks to Sarah, I stopped by ArtHK10 private viewing (will surely cover it in another post this few days digesting all the wine events).  After refusing consuming any alcohol but a glass of fresh orange juice at the viewing, I rushed to this Burgundy wine dinner I had been quite looking forward to at summer palace in HK Island Shangrila.

Tones of wine dinner this week due to vinexpo and quite a lot of them is fabulous yet this dinner I was going to, was a 100% Burgundy one and, a great one serving Leroy, Leflaive, Coche Dury, Raveneau and more.  A great fun wine matching with chinese food to experience that many greatest Burgundy white and red at one dinner one go, here is few of the white I especially like:

And my favourite between the Reds:



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