Philosophy 101: Plato and a platypus walk into a bar (part2)

Back from Beach. What a sunny afternoon and I wondered about my existence on beach “I sunbath, therefore I am” – what a horrible gag (ηˆ› gag). so back to this fun read, I’d like to share more of it’s philogags below:

And one about gender identities these days:

Two gay men are standing on a street corner when a gorgeous and shapely blonde strolls by in a low-cut, clingy chiffon dress.
Says one of the men to the other, “At times like this, I wish were a lesbian!”

One more (another text that argues for an essential difference between men and women. It’s got to be essential because the First Man was free of social constructs and his impulsiveness was therefore innate.):

God appears to Adam and Eve in the Garden and announces that he has two gifts, one for each of them, and he would like them to decide who gets which gift. He says, “The first gift is the ability to pee standing up.”

Impulsively, Adam yells out, “Pee standing up? Hot dog! That sounds really cool! I want that one.”

“Okay,” says God, “that one’s yours, Adam. Eve, you get the other one — multiple orgasms.”

OK last one I promise, this one is cute – about relativity of the perception of time, (you should grab the book to read more, or just ask me nicely πŸ˜› ):

A snail is mugged by two turtles. The police ask the snail what does he remember? The snail answers “Nothing, everything went so fast.”

If you are like me – a fat lazy lover of truth; whom like to take the heavy stuff besides food lightly – instead of scanning our brain madly for some point of reference (often I won’t find one anyway and slack off to get a drink instead), we can read gags from his book!!

Oh, and the worst thing is, if you can’t find truth in philosophy, you can always find truth in jokes!

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