A good old Panama hat

How much I love hats. You see me as a hat obsessed person if you gotta know me for a while. Reasons? Besides it top the outfit off and all, am such a lazy slacker that hate to spend hours styling my hair when am already late to appointments. Just like a clutch, I dumped everything in and off I go : I dump my messy hair into my hat of the day, tilt it, smile and bang the door. Plus, I feel totally safe in my hat with half my face covered – believe it or not – I then somehow turned mysteriously invisible!! Easy and fun.

It’s summer time, summer hat time! Despite I try hard to search and display my feminine part of me (you can’t laugh! At least I am trying!) I love mens hat. And here, how gorgeous looking one I want for this summer. A panama hat!! Perfect one to go classic in this no-mad hatters season. In the 1940’s when men were men and women were dames, the “Panama” was the gentleman’s hat of choice in sultry climes and classic films. It’s 1940s no more, and I am going for it.

Hand made, white fine straws with a black fabric brim. Old school? Yea, ask your papa. It’s definitely oldies. But seriously, for both ladies and gentleman, nothing nails a traveled far colonial-vibe looks more easily than the old-school, utterly elegant panama hat. It’s perfect way to polish off such sophisticated summer look.

My pick for the gentlemen: Panama hat from Loro Piana. this is no one of those cheap, junk hats everyone wears that look like they cost all of $20. this is a Panama hat that outhats every hat in the room. (and for me, am too delighted just by imagining having it covering my head with in my recently bought cream color silk Helmut Lang’s suit pants or even just a dirty jeans with plain white wife-beater. ) A man with Panama hat holding a 20-year-old estate bottled Havana Club, sip slowly with a Cohiba Robustos. Sexy? Surely Sexy.

Gentlemen, what ya say?

Interesting page to learn about Panama hats: www.brentblack.com

2 thoughts on “A good old Panama hat

  1. i once saw a girl wearing a panama hat in dirty jeans and white shirt and sandals, standing outside John Lewis, looking confident and elegant. i almost wanted to jump off the bus and go chat her up. Definitely sexy!

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