Brunart at Celine

Went to HK Landmark for the once a year party by HK land’s promotion for their tenants. A mega indoor festival with superstores serving cocktail on each houses.   It was my first time eyeing nicely dressed ones with champagne flutes floating around from store to store, floor to floor in Landmark.  A little disappointing was only female models in sexy costumes walking around hanging out shopping guides but zero the opposite sex ones?  Since when no one cares about having beautiful men around? !  how unfair and sexist gosh. 

Me and friend marched into Celine store. Picked up a cute mango mousse canape and a flute of Champagne. It’s Ruinart. I was attracted by the golden colored liquid and the size of the bottle.  It was massive!

massive golden bottle!


Many Champagne houses would like to lay claim to the accolade of being the longest established house, but only one may do so in truth. And that house is Ruinart.  It exclusively producing champagne since 1729. Founded by Nicolas Ruinart in the Champagne region in the city of Reims, the house is today owned by LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA.

Never had Ruinart before, this blanc de blanc was indeed quite good. It’s fun sipping it and playing with the amazingly beautiful Spring Summer 2010 collection – “luggage” and my favourite “Classic Bags” – oh god… those 80s, flight attendant stylie bags (however, price tag shoot up to USD3000+ !)  by Phoebe Philo – her first collection for Celine (can’t recall my last time I’d like to give Céline bags a second look before Phoebe!!)

Feel good factor all in one store made us refused to float ourself to Dior not to mention Marc Jacob. So we stayed. (Did some checking and this Brunart Blanc de blanc is economically around USD 60 per bottle, surely can pop one casually next party round! Yoho!!)

Inside Celine, Ruinart on the house


Something about this Blanc de Blanc: –


Blend of 100% Premier Cru Chardonnay from different years.

Very beautiful pale golden yellow color. Beautiful luminosity . A profuse mousse with a sustained ring of beads.

First nose with notes of fresh citrus fruit, mainly lime. A very fine and flowery second nose.

Supple, harmonious palate. Notes of nectarine, apricot . Good intensity.


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