Catching Monocle’s Landing

Monocle's May issue looks at the ascent of Brasilia - why yellow and green are the new red, white and blue in international diplomacy

A monocle is a type of corrective lens used to correct the vision in only one eye. It consists of a circular lens, generally with a wire ring around the circumference that can be attached to a string. Imagine an English man wearing a single lens seeing through it reading the world. Besides a gentlemen’s apparel, Monocle is one of my most favorite all rounded magazine this 3 years.

Arrived with my hand luggage catching the Hong Kong Monocle popup store opening party (will be opened on May 23) at Lane Crawford Home in Pacific Place an hour before getting on flight to Seoul for vacation. Kinna rush but how can I possibly miss Monocle‘s landing in HK while I’ve been reading this global affairs, culture and design glossy magazine when I’d chance my past few years in Europe. Finally, finally in HK! Overly packed venue and running out of bubbles was frustrating. However, just feeling its present, a simple black Monocle linen notebook as party gift, few buddies with live band performance didn’t make it not worth attending.

early at the venue

Tyler Brûlé – (Wallpaper* founder and Financial Times ex-columnist) founder of the magazine is funding the expansion to Hong Kong through branded merchandising. The magazine has sold some 8,000 Monocle branded bags in the past three years at its retail shops in London and LA, the proceeds of which are going to support the move.

Heard the 3m x 3m space stocks exclusive Monocle branded products like Comme des Garçons, Porter and BlackBerry collaborations. I am a bit curious about the typical useful – such as traveller’s tote bags (not too useful personally as isn’t that there are enough tote bags on earth already? think twice, think eco if you already got too many!)

monocle's colored linen notebook

And the slightly less useful (however very useful personally – I still prefer to write on paper, having the touch and smell of paper than on screen, so they better be eco paper for that price!) — such as HK$325 linen-covered notesbooks and Velextra X Monocle leather notebook (OH YES! my beloved Valextra!) It’s craftsmen have created this soft leather notebook holder that comes with a fine-lined notebook. The design also doubles as a passport holder. The leather is mustard but the edges are inky green, as is the stitching. Each notebook is stamped in gold “Valextra for Monocle” and comes in a black presentation box supposedly – I will so grab this!!)

Velextra X Monocle leather notebook

I wonder if they will also have the Andreas Martin-Löf x Monocle clamp lamp which is a limited edition (what is not these days?) of 100 pieces (well, should give credits to such small quantity of limited edition though), their or the monocle live album.

Am imagining it will be quite cool to sit on a comfy designer sofa, holding a current issue Monocle and a cup of Nespresso next to such space so one can stretch some legs and zone into the Monocle realm besides just the fancy branded products alone. Why not hey?

Andreas Martin-Löf x Monocle clamp lamp

2 thoughts on “Catching Monocle’s Landing

  1. Wei… very cool stuff… Let me know when you go and we can take a look too. I heard about monocle before but didn’t know they were in HK… what a shame to have missed it!

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