Chasing Snowman

Am not those F1 alike drivers but those cruising , take it easy type. People always get grumpy on how slow I am actually capable to go when they were sitting next to me when I drive.

One of my all time favorite TV show in US besides “sex in the city” (not hard to guess hey!) was “Car Chase”. It’s fun just to stare at it watching cops chasing cars on highways and small roads in local small towns. You gotta stare at it long enough to know what I’m saying, bit hard to explain such adrenaline here (sounds bit pathetic but do try! you will love it). However, I never chased car nor being chased.

Today I was going fast and furious in a car chase.

This giant truck wasn’t glamorous and all. Not a Bugatti Veyron nor a Ferrari Enzo that I may be keen to go closer to appreciate their beauty. It was the car plate that was magnetic. It’s written “SNOWMAN” and that totally sucked me in. I still remember Raymond Briggs’ charming picture book comes to life in The Snowman in 1982. It was a perfect excursion into realms of Imagination & Wonder. The dirty truck induced a cute persona, A kind and softness in disguise that made me forgot my itinerary completely, chasing it for too long until I lost him.

I wonder if it is this little magical twist that I always been seeking in fashion, drinks or even in person that entice me. Will you chase snowman on the road as well if you were me?

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