In my American Apparel missing American Apparel

Happily heading to Taiwan to a wedding(congrats to my dearest friends:Ben&Pam) this weekend so I had to sadly give the Lane Crawford x American Apparel launch party a miss on April9.

I love American Apparel. Love it casually. Love it greenly. Love it happily. And love it even just by its name.

Renowned for its “Made in Downtown LA” mantra and its commitment to social and environmental awareness, American Apparel is fun and sexy in my casual wardrobe staples. Their 80s stylie tank top and Tees are part of my wardrobe essentials that I can easily pick out, put them on and match with my new some of my vintage accessories, and go with my YSL chained hang bag or any of my colorful clutches.

While I was missing the party, I was somehow (probably subconsciously) in my newly bought AA’s sesame street tee, white skirt, white blazer in black leggings ready to head out for a pre-wedding gathering drinks in Taipei.

missing LC's AA launch party in my AA outfit in Taipei
snapped when making shopping in my AA and boots in Taipei

I bought this tee 2 weeks ago in Seoul in a two storey high AA’s shop in Ming-Dong area at their closing hour. It was 11pm. The metal door gate was half lowered and I couldn’t help but secretly sneaked in and crawled quickly along those hangers and found two ultra adorable Seseme street tee and a pink tank top. Gosh, how much I love Sesame Street! Who doesn’t? I grabbed them and stood up pretending I got stuck in the shop didn’t know its closing and walked up to the counter. I paid and there, I became a warrior proudly walking out with the biggest pride of the night in my hand.

Like most of the time, I played with my scissors with tees. I cut off the collar of one of the tee as I think it’s stlyish-er to have a collar less high up the neck in this piece. It turned perfect!

It was originally like this:

The original collar looks like this

This tee with a pair of Louboutin heels can be naughtily elegant while with a Martin Margiela pair can be a fun go. I stupidly marched up in this Sesame outfit with my girlfriends into Privé (club below dragan-i in HK) last week and suprisingly with such a kiddy top, no one stopped me at entrance but only warm welcome with big grin! ( and yes, I’ve been wearing it 2 weekends in a row in hk and even taiwan! all coz I am loving it!)

my other AA recently bought in Seoul(Mingdong superstore)

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